Schizomeria orthophlebia

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Schizomeria orthophlebia


Tree 32 m high, dbh 55 cm. Leaves with petiole 1-2 cm long and blade coriaceous, 5.8-10.8 by 3.9-5.3 cm, oblong-elliptic, with the base truncate and the apex obtuse, rounded or emarginate; Stipules triangular, c. 8 by 4 mm, glabrous. Flowers not seen. Fruits ovate-ellipsoid, somewhat irregular, the base rather flattened and the apex markedly acute, 2.9-3.7 by 1.4-1.8 cm;


Asia-Tropical, Highlands of Irian Jaya present
Malesia: known only from the type in the Highlands of Irian Jaya.




The elongated fruits are unique in the genus.