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Aerial stem-parasitic shrubs, robust, with epicortical runners bearing secondary haustoria. Leaves opposite. Inflorescence capitate, consisting of two sessile dichasia (triads) at the apex of a common peduncle; central bracts of the triads enlarged and foliaceous, enclosing the flowers and connate at the margins over them during development; bracts subtending the lateral flowers small, narrow.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea endemic
One species endemic to New Guinea.


Morphology & The genus is probably a specialized local derivative of the Australian/Papuasian stock of which Amyema is the core. The 6-flowered capitate involucrate inflorescence is probably a parallel development to that of many Amyema species formerly referred to Dicymanthes, and to the involucrate head of Papuanthes. In addition to the involucre, the primary distinction from Amyema which it shares with Papuanthes is the gamopetalous corolla.


Danser 1931 – In: Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg: 366