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Aerial stem-parasitic shrubs, with epicortical runners bearing secondary haustoria. Leaves opposite; venation pinnate but somewhat curvinerved. Inflorescence a solitary flower on an articulate pedicel (sometimes apparently not articulate owing to reduction of the peduncular segment); bracts 2 or 3 under the flower, free or connate. Fruit ovoid.


Asia-Tropical: Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck Archipelago present); New Guinea present, Solomon Islands present, eastern mainland New Guinea present
Five species in New Guinea and Solomon Islands. In Malesia 4 species, all occurring in eastern mainland New Guinea, some extending to the Bismarck Archipelago.


Sogerianthe has x = 9 and relatively large chromosomes; it is probably a specialized local derivative of the Papuasian stock of which Amyema is the core. It differs from Amyema in its strongly gamopetalous corolla. The distinctive articulate floral pedicels also occur as an extreme inflorescence reduction in Amyema, notably in New Guinean species such as A. finisterrae and A. hastifolia. For discussion see


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