Carex divulsa

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Carex divulsa

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific)



This species and C. muricata L. were recorded by Nelmes from Java, the only ones from outside Europe, both based on a single specimen, that of C. divulsa even on a single culm. The scanty materials were alleged to have been collected by Ridley during his Java tour on Mt Papandajan.
However, there is no doubt that the specimens were mislocalized, possibly by using drying paper to which remnants of rambles in Europe adhered. The Carex flora of the easily accessible Mt Papandajan is well known, e.g. by the intensive search for Carices by van Steenis.
Similar records opposing all rules of plant distribution are those of Elisma natans for Java, Linaria alpina for the Malay Peninsula, and Scheuchzeria palustris for Sumatra (see ). Nelmes, in litt. Dec. 17, 1953, admitted that the records must be due to an error.