Kairothamnus phyllanthoides

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Kairothamnus phyllanthoides


Shrubs to medium-sized trees, up to 15 m high, bole up to 5 m high, dbh up to 20 cm; Bark 6-8 mm thick; Leaves: Stipules triangular, 0.5-1.2 by 0.4-0.6 mm, symmetric to asymmetric. Inflorescences: Fruits (seen dehisced) ovoid to subglobose, up to 13 by 13 mm, green when young; Seeds elliptic, 8.4-8.5 by 4-4.2 by 3.5-3.8 mm.


Lae and Morobe Subprovince endemic, Morobe Province endemic, Papua New Guinea endemic
Monotypic, endemic in Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province (Lae and Morobe Subprovince).


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