Plesioneuron woodlarkense

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Plesioneuron woodlarkense


Asia-Tropical, New Britain present, New Ireland present, Papua New Guinea present, Woodlark Island present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Woodlark Island, New Britain, New Ireland) at 700-900 m.


In 1914 Copeland wrongly cited the number 284 for the type; he again cited the type wrongly, as 383, in . Of other specimens, Croft 322 from southern New Ireland, exactly matches the type; Floyd 6529, from New Britain, agrees in details of indument and sori but has pinnae to 33 x 3 cm. It should be noted that the number 384 occurs also on some specimens which do not belong here; at L, a specimen of Amphineuron ceramicum, at P a specimen of A. immersum.


Holttum 1963 – In: Fl. Males. p 158