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Erect, glabrous or variously hairy herbs; Leaves basal and/or cauline, more or less linear or reduced to scales, alternate, often amplexicaul at the base. Inflorescence of terminal umbels surrounded by small scarious bracts and outer larger, sometimes leaf-like bracts. Ovary superior, sessile, deeply 3-lobed, 3-celled; Fruit consisting of (1-)3 indehiscent nutlets; Seeds subglobose.


Asia-Tropical, Australasia, S. Papua New Guinea present
In Australia (all states) 6 spp., of which one in Malesia: S. Papua New Guinea.


The terms 'stem' and 'leaves' give some difficulty as the aerial shoot might be better regarded as an inflorescence often bearing leaf-like bracts rather than as a vegetative shoot with leaves.


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