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Leaves large, basal, caespitose, petioled, expanding towards the base to form a sheath, with a strong main vein and numerous finer veins. Inflorescence a spike. Flowers numerous, each in the axil of a bract. Stamens 6, attached to the perianth; Ovary superior, sessile, subcylindrical, 3-lobed, 1-celled, containing (2 or) 4 discord ovules but with traces of two further carpels; Fruit a drupe, green when unripe, globose, 1-seeded.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present)
Monotypic. Malesia: Malay Peninsula.


Regarded as a synonym of Tupistra by Hutchinson and recognized, but with some doubt, by Airy Shaw (). The only consistent difference is that Triealistra has no style, consistently 6 stamens, and a 3-lobed stigma, a set of characters of equal standing as those separating other genera in the Aspidistreae.


Ridl. 1924 – In: Fl. Mal. Pen. p 330