Carex duriuscula

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Carex duriuscula


Leaves subbasal, shorter than the stems, rigid, curved, circinnate at the apex, canaliculate to convolute, smooth or scaberulous towards the apex, c. 1 mm wide.


Asia-Temperate: Manchuria present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Kondo present, Lake Habbema present, Mt Hagen present, Mt Victoria present, N. Mongolia present
Siberia, N. Mongolia and Manchuria; in Malesia: New Guinea, Lake Habbema (Brass 9235) in W., Mt Victoria (LAE 61670) and Kondo, Mt Hagen (NGF 43535) in E.


Nelmes, l.c., supposed this New Guinea collection to be close to C. arenicola F. Schmidt, but I agree with , that it is evidently allied to C. stenophylla Wahlenb. of the northern hemisphere. The resemblance to small, narrow-leaved specimens of the latter is surprising. I have seen extra-Malesian material of C. duriuscula; the Brass collection very well matches the collection I saw of this species, which is apparently very near to C. stenophylla.


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