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Small to large trees, ultimate shoots with complicated system of divaricate branching. Leaves almost glabrous on both surfaces, often with minute papillae on venation giving beaded appearance, without stomatal crypts, with a pair of glands on midrib at or near base of lower surface. Stipules large, prominently keeled, lateral, persistent or subpersistent. Inflorescence a raceme, or sparsely branched, contracted panicle. Flowers hermaphrodite. Petals 5, glabrous, exceeding calyx lobes. Stamens 10-20, posterior, inserted unilaterally on margin of disk; Ovary inserted at mouth of receptacle tube, pilose on exterior; Fruit large;


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); New Guinea present; Thailand (Thailand present), Indonesia present, Pacific present: Fiji (Fiji present); Samoa (Samoa present), Southern India present
About 11 species in Southern India, Thailand, E. to Fiji and Samoa in the Pacific; in Malesia 5 species in the Malay Peninsula throughout Indonesia, and New Guinea.


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