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Shrubs or small trees. Leaves usually glabrous on both surfaces (lanate beneath in some New Caledonian species), with a pair of, often obscure, marginal glands towards the base, without stomatal cavities; Stipules lanceolate and persistent (absent or very early caducous in New Caledonian species). Inflorescence a few-flowered terminal or axially raceme of cymules. Flowers hermaphrodite, slightly zygomorphic. Petals 5, small, not exceeding calyx lobes, not clawed. Stamens 5-9, not exceeding calyx lobes, unilateral with 3-7 stami-nodes opposite. Ovary inserted midway up receptacle, densely hairy on exterior; Fruit small, fleshy, bilocular or often with one loculus underdeveloped;


Asia-Tropical, Loyalty Is present, New Caledonia present, Papua New Guinea present
There are 11 species, 8 of which occur in New Caledonia and the Loyalty Is., 3 in Malesia: Papua New Guinea.


PRANCE 1983 – In: Fl. Nouv. Caléd. et Dép. p 106