Atuna latifrons

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Atuna latifrons


Small tree to 5 m tall, the young branches densely lanate-tomentellous becoming glabrous, obscurely lenticellate. Leaves chartaceous, broadly elliptic, 11-13 by 8-10 cm, glabrous and shiny above, slightly bullate, glabrous beneath except for sparsely pilose venation, apex very shortly abrupt acuminate, the acumen 2-3 mm long, rounded at base with base contracted into petiole; Stipules lanceolate, to 11 mm long, acute, keeled, sparsely appressed pubescent. Inflorescences of axillary little-branched panicles or spikes, to 5 cm long, densely brown sericeous; Petals obovate narrowed to base, 10-11 mm long. Stamens c. 20, inserted on faucal annulus 2 mm high with tooth-like staminodes opposite, the filaments 10-12 mm long. Ovary densely strigose. Fruit unknown.


Malay Peninsula on Kedah-Perak border present
Known only from Malay Peninsula on Kedah-Perak border. .