Cyperus cyperinus

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Cyperus cyperinus


Perennial with very short rhizome; Leaves shining greyish green, rigid, flat or canaliculate, long-attenuate, scabrid on margins and keel, 3-6 mm wide; Inflorescence simple (very rarely subcompound), usually contracted and head-like. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: India present, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Farther India present, Melanesia present, Polynesia present, Ryu Kyu Is present, S. and E. China present, SE. Asia present, Southern America: Argentina Northeast (Formosa present)
From SE. Asia (India, Farther India, S. and E. China, Formosa, Ryu Kyu Is.) to Melanesia, Polynesia and Australia (Queensland); common throughout Malesia.


Typical, fruiting specimens can be distinguished from the closely related C. cyperoides by the stiff leaves, the contracted inflorescence, the shorter and denser spikes, the obliquely erect, darker spikelets, the broader, more obtuse glumes, and the broader, ellipsoid nuts; all these characters are very variable. See also varieties.


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