Cyperus iria

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Cyperus iria


Annual, or perennial in favourable circumstances; Leaves basal, shorter than to somewhat longer than the stems, flat or channelled, rather flaccid, gradually acuminate, scabrous on the margins in the upper parts, 3-6(-8) mm wide. Inflorescence greatly varying in size, simple or compound, usually loose, up to 20 cm long. Stamens 2-3;


Afghanistan present, Asia-Temperate: Iran (Iran present), Asia-Tropical, Australasia, Japan present, SE. United States, Southern America, tropical Asia present, tropical E. Africa present
Widely spread in tropical Asia, extending northwards to Iran, Afghanistan, China, and Japan, southwards to Australia, and westwards to tropical E. Africa; introduced and naturalised in the SE. United States and the West Indies; common throughout Malesia.


Very variable in size and the number of flowers in the spikelets. The extremes are connected by numerous intermediates and do not deserve nomenclatural recognition. LOHER 7159 from the Philippines represents ƒ. chrysomelinus (LINK) [C. chrysomelinus ], with setaceous stems and leaves, and the inflorescence reduced to 1-2 spikelets. It is probably a depauperated form, also of little or no taxonomical value.
C. microiria STEUD., wrongly referred to C. iria var. parviflorus MIQ., is a well-characterised, E. Asian species not extending to Malesia.


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