Cyperus polystachyos var. laxiflorus

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Cyperus polystachyos var. laxiflorus



The inadequately labelled specimen upon which ƒ. longispiculatus , was based, belongs to the N. American C. filicinus VAHL. See .
The Philippine specimens referred to the American var. leptostachyus BOECK. by (as Pycreus holosericeus by MERRILL, l.c.), were misnamed. See KERN, l.c.
I have not seen ZOLLINGER 456, type collection of C. teretifructus STEUD. According to ZOLLINGER it was collected in Java, according to STEUDEL in Japan. CLARKE (1884) and VALCKENIER SURINGAR referred it to C. globosus, CLARKE (1893), KÜKENTHAL, and the Japanese authors to C. polystachyos.


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