Carex tricephala

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Carex tricephala


Leaves basal and 1-2 cauline, shorter than to much exceeding the stems, rigid to rather weak, flat, with revolute margins when dry, long-attenuate, scabrid in the upper part, light green, 3-10 mm wide; Inflorescence spiciform, consisting of (1-)3(-4) dense, sessile, ovoid or subglobose spikelets 0-5 cm distant, and 6-10(-12) mm long and wide.


Asia-Temperate: China South-Central (Yunnan present), Asia-Tropical: Thailand (Thailand present), Madura I. off NE. Java present, Upper Burma present
Yunnan, Upper Burma, Thailand, Indo-China; in Malesia only known from Madura I. off NE. Java (type locality!).


Nelmes placed this species, together with C. malaccensis and C. ramosii in sect. Stramentitiae, but as Raymond 1959, l.c., pointed out, it has very little in common with the other members of that section.


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