Carpha alpina

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Carpha alpina


Stamens 3. Panicle contracted, 1½-5 cm long;


Asia-Tropical, Auckland Islands present, Australasia: Tasmania (Tasmania present), E. New Guinea present, Kubor Range present, Mt Albert Edward present, Mt Amungwiwa present, Mt Dickson present, Mt Giluwe present, Mt Hagen present, Mt Knutsford present, Mt Piora present, Mt Sarawaket present, Mt Scratchley present, Mt Sugarloaf present, Mt Wilhelm present, Mt Wilhelmina present, New Zealand present, SE. Australia present, W. New Guinea present
SE. Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Auckland Islands; KUKENTHAL treats the South American C. schoenoides BANKS & SOL. ex HOOK.ƒ. as a variety of C. alpina; it is evidently closely allied and probably a geographical race. In Malesia: W. New Guinea (Mt Wilhelmina) and E. New Guinea (Mt Sarawaket, Mt Amungwiwa, Mt Wilhelm, Kubor Range, Mt Hagen, Mt Sugarloaf, Mt Giluwe, Mt Piora, Mt Dickson, Mt Scratchley, Mt Albert Edward, Mt Knutsford).


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