Lemmaphyllum accedens

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Lemmaphyllum accedens


Small fern.


Admiralty Island present, Asia-Tropical, Pacific: Fiji (Fiji present); Samoa (Samoa present), Solomon Islands present
Throughout Malesia. outside Malesia: Solomon Islands, Admiralty Islands, Fiji, Samoa.




Polypodium damunense represents a small, much more strongly dimorphic form, in the most typical form restricted to New Guinea, but scattered elsewhere (Java, Sulawesi) specimens occur which show all transitions to normal L. accedens. It is not an altitudinal form, being found at altitudes up to c. 500 m. This range overlaps with that of normal L. accedens, which, however, has a distinct preference for higher altitudes, and is usually better developed over 1000 m. Most of the transitional specimens are from lower altitudes, although normal forms may also occur at sea level. There is a curious parallel pattern of variation in Pyrrosia foveolata and P. foveolata var. lauterbachii.


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