KEY TO THE GENERA based on fruiting material

1Leaves 3-5-plinerved, often subpeltate. Climber, often with axillary tendrils. Fruit long-stipitate narrowed to the base. Pericarp dehiscent, inside red. Seed blue
1'Leaves penninerved (if ± triplinerved a tree). Fruit at most very short-stipitate, usually rounded or obtuse at base. Seed whitish.
2Calyx indistinct, merely with a rim. Fruit inferior, supported by a persistent epicalyx consisting of 3 concrescent bracts
2'Calyx distinct. No epicalyx.
3Calyx much enlarged in fruit.
3'Calyx not accrescent in fruit.
4Enlarged calyx connate with the fruit only in its lower part, for the rest frill-like expanded, very large
4'Enlarged calyx enveloping the fruit for its entire or almost entire length
5Disk much accrescent, adnate to and almost entirely covering the fruit (which bears the persistent calyx at its base!)
5'Disk, if present, not accrescent.
6Petiole very distinctly swollen distally
6'Petiole slightly or not thickened distally.
7Leaves usually mucronulate at apex. Axillary spines and ramal thorns may be present
7'Leaves not mucronulate at apex. Spines or thorns absent