Pterolobium macropterum

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Pterolobium macropterum


Liana up to 15(-30) m high. Leaves: petiole and rachis (10-)14-25 cm long, pubescent; pinnae 5-9 pairs. Inflorescences 15-30 cm long, rachis and branchlets pubescent, glabrescent, or glabrous, loosely flowered; pedicels 10-15 mm. Petals: standard obovate, 4.5-6 by 2.5-3.5 mm; the others obovate, 4.5-6.5 by 2-3 mm, glabrous. Stamens: filaments 6.5-8.5 mm, usually hairy at the lower 1 /2 — 2/3. Ovary c. 3 mm long, very shortly stipitate, puberulous, 1-ovuled; style 6-7 mm, sparsely puberulous. Seeds only inmature seen.


Asia-Tropical: Laos (Laos present); Thailand (Thailand present), S & C Java present, S Burma present, S Vietnam present, incl. Andaman Islands present
India (incl. Andaman Islands), S Burma, Thailand, Laos, S Vietnam; Malesia: S & C Java.


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