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Trees. Leaves paripinnate. Stipules interpetiolarly connate at base. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, racemose, often fasciculate or paniculate; bracts and bracteoles small, often caducous. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic, pedicelled. Petals only one fully developed, large, flabellate, lower half narrowed into a claw, the others small or absent. Stamens 9, usually (5-)7 fertile, almost equal, the others reduced; anthers dorsifixed. Ovary stipi- tate (stipe adnate to the hypanthium), 3-8(or more)-ovuled; style slender, almost as long as the stamens; stigma small, round. Seeds ellipsoid, ovoid-oblong or broadly ellipsoid, smooth, exalbuminous; aril yellow, orange, or red, often 2-lobed, covering the seed for up to half or more of its length.


Asia-Tropical, tropical Africa, Asia and S China present
About 12 species, in tropical Africa, Asia and S China; 2 species in Malesia


Tetrad pollen, occurring sporadically in the family, was also reported for two (non-Malesian) species of Afzelia .


The timber of Afzelia species is highly valued. See


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