Fimbristylis argentea

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Fimbristylis argentea


Glabrous annual with fibrous roots. Leaves usually shorter than the stems, flat or canaliculate, rather abruptly acuminate, smooth or slightly scabrid at the top, glaucous, with stramineous sheaths, ½-¾ mm wide; Inflorescence capitate, semi- globose to globose, with (2-)4-10(-25) spikelets, ½-1 cm across. Stamen 1;


Asia-Tropical: India present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Bengal present, Ceylon present, Kamposa present, Kelantan present, Kuala Trengganu present, Peninsular Thailand present, S. and SE. Asia present, Trengganu present
S. and SE. Asia: Ceylon, India, Bengal, Peninsular Thailand; in Malesia only known from a few localities in the Malay Peninsula (Kelantan: Kamposa; Trengganu: Kuala Trengganu).


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