Parastemon versteeghii

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Parastemon versteeghii


Tree to 40 m tall, the young branches sparsely puberulous, soon glabrous. Leaves thinly coriaceous, narrowly oblong, 5-9.5 by 1.8-3.7 cm, cuspidate acuminate at apex, the tip 7-15 mm long, cuneate at base; Stipules triangular, c. 1 mm long, caducous. Inflorescence of axillary and terminal racemes, 2-9 cm long, the rachis sparsely villous. Flowers hermaphrodite, c. 1.5 mm long; Petals 5, with hirsute margins. Stamens 5, all fertile, opposite the petals in a complete circle. Ovary inserted at base of receptacle, glabrous on exterior except at base, unilocular. Fruit ellipsoid, c. 1.6 cm long;


Admiralty Is present, Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Morotai present
Malesia: Moluccas (Morotai), New Guinea, and Admiralty Is..