Parkinsonia aculeata

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Parkinsonia aculeata


Shrub or small tree, 3-4 m tall; young shoots zigzag, glabrous, stiff thorns up 3 cm long. Stipules 2, forming short spines. Inflorescences up to 20 cm long; pedicels up to 10( — 15) mm, articulated below the glabrous flower. Petals very thin, golden yellow, spoon-shaped with the limb suborbicular or broadly ovate (c. 7 mm wide) and the claw hairy, 12-14 mm long. Stamens shorter than the petals; filaments hairy in the lower half, widened towards the base; anthers ellipsoid, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary subsessile, hairy; style glabrous; stigma obscure. Seeds oblong, c. 10 by 4 mm, slightly compressed.


Asia-Tropical, tropical America
Native of tropical America. Widely cultivated all over the tropics, commonly known as 'Jerusalem Thorn'. In Malesia cultivated and occasionally naturalized.


Ornamental. Bark and leaves used for medicinal purposes.


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