Chingia perrigida

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Chingia perrigida


Asia-Tropical, Central Sumatra present, East Java present, Flores present, Lesser Sunda Is present, central Malaya present
Malesia: Central Sumatra, central Malaya, East Java, Lesser Sunda Is. (Flores).


Found in Malaya for the first time at Genting Highlands in 1977, beside a recently-made road at 1500 m. Specimens from the Tengger and Ijang mountains in East Java have fewer capitate hairs on the lower surface; they were wrongly named Dryopteris ferox var. calvescens by v.A.v.R. and one has the MS name D. ferox var. mitis Rosenst. Koorders 37503 (Tengger Mts) has a seta on a few sporangia, capitate hairs on others.


v.A.v.R. 1917: Handb.: 317