Chingia sambasensis

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Chingia sambasensis


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present
Malesia: Borneo. Besides the type, an unlocalized Bornean specimen of Korthals.


The Korthals specimens (3 sheets at B, 2 at L) include a stipe of 125 cm, rather sparsely scaly near base, scales flat, narrow, long-acu- minate, on rest of stipe scattered small black warts and a few narrow dark flat scales. One sheet bears the apex of a frond which is not fully expanded; it shows some short capitate hairs on both surfaces and on sporangia. The largest pinna is 24 x 2.1 cm, in shape and venation like the type.
Dryopteris penangiana (HOOK.) C. CHR. was based on Polypodium penangianum HOOK. The type of this was a WALLICH specimen which bore the locality Penang, but the species is otherwise only known from northern India, so I am sure it was wrongly localized. I did not know anything about this species when I wrote my book on Malayan ferns.