Tiliacora triandra

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Tiliacora triandra


Leaves with puberulous to glabrous, rugulose petioles 0.5-2 cm; Inflorescences axillary or cauliflorous, pubescent, 2-8 (-17) cm long bearing 1-few-flowered peduncled cymes c. 0.5 cm long.


Asia-Tropical: Assam (Assam present); Cambodia (Cambodia present); Laos (Laos present); Malaya present; Thailand (Thailand present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Kedah present, Khasya present, Langkawi Is present, Penang present, S. Burma present, Trengganu present
S. Burma (once), Assam (Khasya), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam; in Malesia: Malaya (Kedah, Trengganu; also in Penang&Langkawi Is.), 4 coll.


Leafy shoots mixed with other plants are used in Cambodia for the preparation of a medicine for dysentery (MARTIN, 1971). Used for cordage in Vietnam. Widely used in Thailand as a flavouring in cooking.


Tiliacora triandra was recorded from Fraser Hill (BURKILL & HOLTTUM 8620) and Bukit Kutu (RIDLEY s.n.) in Malaya by BURKILL & HOLT-TUM (). These records were based, however, on misidentified specimens of Cyclea elegans KING in the Singapore Herbarium.


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