Cyclea peregrina

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Cyclea peregrina


Slender climber. Leaves with pu-berulous to glabrescent petioles 2-3 cm inserted 9-16 mm above the basal margin;


Asia-Tropical, SE. Borneo present
Malesia: SE. Borneo.


This species, known only from two speci-mens collected by MOTLEY at Bandjarmasin about a century ago, is intermediate between C. barbata and C. laxiflora, having the hairy calyx and dense Inflorescence of the former together with the minute, free petals of the latter. It is significant that these two spe-cies are not known from Borneo. If more material of C. peregrina becomes available it may prove to be conspecific with C. laxiflora. The dense Inflorescence of MOTLEY 684, although bearing open flowers, may possibly be immature with the buds having opened on drying. Furthermore, sparsely hairy calyces do occasionally occur in C. laxiflora.


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