Schoenus punctatus

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Schoenus punctatus


Leaves very narrow, involute, filiform almost from the base. Panicle very loose and narrow, more or less drooping.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Guam present, Lower Thailand present, N. Queensland present, Pacific: Marianas present, Papua present, Tan Sang present, Tarara present, Thursday I. in Torres Str present, W. Division present, Wassi Kussa R present, islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria present, tropical Australia present
Tropical Australia (N. Queensland, Thursday I. in Torres Str., islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria), Marianas (Guam), Lower Thailand (Tan Sang); in Malesia: New Guinea (Papua, W. Division: Tarara, Wassi Kussa R., very young!).


According to MERRILL, l.c., the roots are rather strongly aromatic when fresh.


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