Cynometra malaccensis

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Cynometra malaccensis


Tree, 20-40 m. Leaves 2- or 3-jugate. Rachis of inflorescence 2-3 cm, puberulous; bracts 2-9 mm long, tomentose, sometimes glabrescent; bracteoles 3-4 mm long, inserted at the base of pedicel; pedicels 4-8 mm, strigose to tomentose, sometimes laxly hairy. Sepals 3-4 mm long. Petals 2-4 mm long. Stamens 3-6 mm. Ovary sericeous, woolly or villous; stipe 0.8-1.5 mm; style 0.5-3 mm. Fruits broadly obovoid, ellipsoid, slightly reniform, or suborbicular, brown scurfy, 4-5.25 by 3.75-4.5 cm, quite flat when young (0.4-0.5 cm thick), somewhat thickened towards the margin.


Asia-Tropical: India present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Peninsular present
India, Thailand (Peninsular); in Malesia: Malay Peninsula.


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