Nothoscordum inodorum

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Nothoscordum inodorum


Erect, inodorous, glabrous herb with a subterranean coated bulb. Leaves radical, linear, flat, somewhat glaucous, shorter than the peduncle, 15-45 by 0.5-1.25 cm. Flowers fragrant. Stamens 6, inserted on the base of the perianth; Ovary oblong- obovoid, sessile, 3-celled, each cell with ∞ ovules; Capsule obovoid, membranous, loculicidally 3-valved, 8-9 mm long. Seeds several, black, often containing more than 1 embryo.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa cultivated), Tjibodas Botanic Garden in West Java on Mt Gedeh cultivated, subtropical North America, the Mediterranean cultivated
Native of subtropical North America, often cultivated and naturalized (e.g. in the Mediterranean), in Java sometimes cultivated as an ornamental, escaped from the Tjibodas Botanic Garden in West Java on Mt Gedeh.


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