Nepenthes neoguineensis

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Nepenthes neoguineensis


Terrestrial climber to 10 m or more tall. Leaves chartaceous, petiolate, leaf blades of climbing stems narrowly oblanceolate, 15-35 by 2.5-5(-8) cm, apex acute, base abruptly tapering to winged petiole, petiole 2-7 cm long, clasping the stem for 1/2 its circumference and decurrent down the stem with wings to 4 mm in breadth, 1-10 mm long. Fruit and seed unknown.


New Guinea mainland: present d’Entrecasteaux archipelago: present
New Guinea mainland and d’Entrecasteaux archipelago




1 The curved, upper pitchers with broad, fringed wings which are widest at the base of the pitcher, and the corymbose partial peduncles are diagnostic of N. neo-guineensis. 3. We are not certain that we have seen all the duplicates examined by the author of N. neoguineensis, since the sheets at Bogor and Kew do not appear to have been used in the production of the protologue plate. 2. The type number has rather poorly developed inflorescences in which the partial peduncles are mostly 2-flowered, and 3-flowered near the base. The bract on the female partial peduncles is not always well developed. The upper pitchers may be strongly infundibulate (i.e. Cycloops Mts near Jayapura), approaching in appearance those of the closely allied N. paniculata. This latter species may be distinguished by its wholly infundibuliform upper pitchers (which are neither narrowed nor cylindrical towards the mouth) and the much reduced wings.


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