Amphineuron pseudostenobasis

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Amphineuron pseudostenobasis


Asia-Tropical, S.E. New Guinea present, Solomon Islands present
Solomon Islands and Malesia: S.E. New Guinea.


The type has pinnae to 26x1.8 cm, veins 11 pairs; pinnae on Braithwaite's specimens from the Solomon Islands are up to 40 x 4 cm (n. 4505) with veins to 25 pairs. Two of Braithwaite's specimens (4505 from Kolom- bangara and 4014 from Guadalcanal) certainly have a creeping caudex; his n. 4188 from San Cristobal has the note "rhizome short, erect", but otherwise is little different from the others. Spreading resinous glands are only observable on n. 4505.