Amphineuron terminans

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Amphineuron terminans


Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical, Burma present, Central Africa present, Ceylon present, Macao present, S. India present, to 18° S present
Ceylon&S. India; Burma to Hainan and Macao; throughout Malesia; Queensland (to 18° S); one specimen from Central Africa and one from Fernando Poo.


The complex nomenclatural and taxonomic history of this species is set forth and discussed in Holttum 1977. It is probable that in Thailand this species has become hybridized with A. opulentum but I have not seen intermediates from Malesia. Fosberg and Sachet used the pinna-like apex of fronds as the main distinguishing character, ignoring the evidence of venation, hairs and glands which appear to me more significant. This is the only species of Amphineuron in which anastomosis of veins is invariable.


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