Dacrycarpus steupii

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Dacrycarpus steupii


Conical tree, 4-36 m tall, 15-100 cm diam. Leaves on older trees eventually becoming nearly quadrangular in cross section, widely spreading, tapering slightly, uniform in size along a shoot, 2-3 by 0.4-0.6 mm.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Central Celebes present, Central E. Borneo present, G. Beratus, near Balikpapan present, Latimod-jong Mts present
Malesia: Central E. Borneo (G. Beratus, near Balikpapan, once), Central Celebes (Latimod-jong Mts) and throughout New Guinea. .


The spreading needles give this species a rather distinct appearance from D. imbricatus var. robustus which it otherwise strongly resembles. In New Guinea it has a markedly distinct ecology.


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