Dacrycarpus kinabaluensis

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Dacrycarpus kinabaluensis


Shrub or small, sometimes gnarled tree, 2-13 m tall, 15-30 cm diam. Leaves on older trees similar but soon becoming not distichous and more robust, distinctly keeled on the lateral faces, 3-6 by 0.8-1 mm. Seed with its covering 6-7 mm long and 5-6 mm diam.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sabah present), Mt Kinabalu present
Malesia: Borneo (Sabah: Mt Kinabalu). .


On Mt Kinabalu D. imbricatus does not occur above c. 2000 m, leaving a considerable gap before D. kinabaluensis is seen, which represents the mossy forest zone. In fact, D. kinabaluensis rather strongly resembles D. cumingii, differing particularly in the distinctly shorter involucral leaves. Foliage leaves of D. cumingii when collected from exposed parts of the tree approach this species in robust form. The receptacle colour of D. cumingii is poorly documented and may well become purple also.


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