Machaerina lamii

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Machaerina lamii


Leaves coriaceous, equitant, ensiform, usually falcate, gradually narrowed into the often ustulate tip, densely ciliate on the margins, smooth, 3-5(-7) mm wide. Stamens 3, filaments somewhat elongated after anthesis, up to 8 mm, not comose; Panicle erect, oblong, narrow, consisting of 3-4 distant fascicles of branches, 10-15 cm long.


Asia-Tropical, Mt Doorman present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: W. New Guinea (Mt Doorman).


Only known from two collections (LAM 1595 & 1667). Closely related to C. falcatum, but apparently sufficiently distinct to warrant specific separation. Striking differences are found in the narrow, usually falcate, densely ciliate leaves, and possibly in the shape of the nut.


KÜK. 1942 – In: Fedde, Rep. 51: 146