Weinmannia clemensiae

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Weinmannia clemensiae


Treelet or tree, 1.5-10 m high. Leaves imparipinnate with 6-13 pairs of lateral leaflets; Stipules ± orbicular, up to 1 by 1.2 cm, adaxial surface shortly velutinous. Inflorescence one pair of opposite dyads, the apical bud of the main stem (between the peduncles of the dyads) often continuing to grow vegetatively during flowering; Flowers unisexual (or sometimes bisexual?); Capsules with valves up to 3.7-4.5 by 1.8-2.2 mm at dehiscence; Seeds immature, c. 0.9 mm long, comose at both ends.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present), Mt Kinabalu endemic, Mt Tambuyukon endemic
Endemic to Mt Kinabalu and Mt Tambuyukon in Sabah. Probably all populations occur within the boundary of Kinabalu Park, whose protection is therefore crucial to the continued survival of this species.




2. Plants are mostly unisexual but one collection with predominantly morphologically male flowers has some possibly bisexual flowers mixed in. 3. Adult foliage is darkish green above and paler beneath with the main vein brown or pink. The stipules are satiny mid-green and paler than the foliage. New growth is densely velutinous and sometimes reddish. The flowers are pinkish brown or deep cream-pink, with a blood red calyx, pinkish corolla and cream stamens; the whole inflorescence is pink and downy. Immature fruits are pink with red styles. 1 A distinctive species due to the boat-shaped and bullate leaflets and dense tomentose-velutinous indumentum.


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