Macrosolen amboinensis

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Macrosolen amboinensis


Glabrous. Leaves opposite; lamina ovate, 12-23 by 4-10 cm, cuneate to truncate at the base to a petiole 8-15 mm long, acuminate and acute at the apex, glossy above, dull below; venation pinnate with the midrib raised below and the major veins distinct above. Inflorescencess at the nodes, an umbellate raceme of 1 or 2 opposite pairs of flowers; axis 4-7 mm long; pedicels 2-4 mm long; central bract c. 1.5 mm long, acute; lateral bracts slightly shorter, usually connate to near the apex.


Ambon present, Ceram present
Malesia: Moluccas (Ambon, Ceram).


Related to Macrosolen geminatus, differing in distinctly pedicellate flowers and more robust habit.