Cyperus pilosus

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Cyperus pilosus


Perennial, the rhizome emitting slender stolons clothed with lanceolate scales. Leaves shorter than to as long as the stems, canaliculate or somewhat plicate with 3 prominent nerves, weak to rather rigid, gradually acuminate, scabrous on margins and nerves in the upper part, 4-10(-13) mm wide; Inflorescence compound, very variable in size and density. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Central Asia present, Japan present, tropical Asia present, tropical Australia present, tropical W. Africa present
From Central Asia and Japan through the whole of tropical Asia and tropical Australia, very rare in tropical W. Africa; throughout Malesia, common and often abundant.


For the differences with the very closely related C. procerus, see under that species.
C. pilosus is very variable in size, colour of the glumes, number of the flowers in the spikelets, etc., but the species, varieties, and forms based on these differences have no taxonomic value and were already merged into the species by VALCKENIER SURINGAR. CLARKE mentions specimens with glabrous or almost glabrous rachis of the spikes; they have not yet been collected in Malesia. Some specimens from W. Java and the Kangean Archipelago have persistently erect spikelets and therefore penicillate spikes. They may represent a distinct variety analogous to C. distans var. pseudonutans.


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