Dacrydium pectinatum

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Dacrydium pectinatum


Small to large tree, 3 to 40 m tall, with numerous branchlets forming a dense rounded crown. Seed 4-4.5 mm long.


Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical: Borneo presentpresent; Philippines (Philippines present), Billiton present, Karimata present, Luzon present, Mindanao present, Natuna Is present, Sierra Madre present, Zamboanga present
Hainan; in Malesia: Billiton, Borneo (incl. Karimata&Natuna Is.) and Philippines (Luzon: Sierra Madre; Mindanao: Zamboanga, 2 coll.), in Borneo common. .


This species closely resembles the lowland form of D. nidulum from which it differs by the more robust leaves and by the fully exposed mature seed. Dacrydium balansae in New Caledonia and D. cupressinum in New Zealand are also similar. The variety was created for markedly shorter leaves, a condition which, it turns out, is related to more difficult environments and all variations can be seen in local populations across environmental gradients.


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