Viola kjellbergii

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Viola kjellbergii


Perennial; Leaves 0.4-3 by 0.6-2.8 cm, ovate to somewhat reniform, shallowly to deeply cordate at base, obtuse to acute, crenate to distantly dentate, glabrous, sometimes sparsely pilose near sinus; Stipules 2-3 mm, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, acute, sparsely dentate or dentate-fim-briate, glanduliferous on margin and apex, glabrous or slightly ciliate, fuscous, adnate to petiole for ½ length. Flowers 4-10 mm, pale purple to white, with darker veins; Sepals 2½-6½ by ½-1½ mm, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, acute, entire or sparsely fimbrio-dentate, glabrous, green or fuscous, with scarious margin; Petals 1½-2 times as long as broad; Capsule 5-7 mm, ellipsoid, glabrous, purple to green.


Asia-Tropical, E. New Guinea present, Latimodjong Range present, SW. Central Celebes present
Malesia: SW. Central Celebes (Latimodjong Range), E. New Guinea. .


Superficially similar to the populations of V. pilosa from Ceram but differing in its adnate, shorter fimbriate stipules and in stigma shape. This species is related to V. papuana from which it is distinguished by the short spur, smaller flowers, shorter style and bearded lateral petals (occasionally so in papuana), and to V. hederacea from which it differs in the adnate stipules, the absence of leaves grouped in distinct rosettes, and in the much less marked bearding of the lateral petals.