Eleocharis sphacelata

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Eleocharis sphacelata


Asia-Tropical, Australasia: Tasmania (Tasmania present), Kandep valley present, NE. New Guinea present, New Zealand present, Sirunke present, Wabag area present, Western Highlands District present, northern slopes of Sugarloaf complex present, not in the Western part present
Australia (not in the Western part), Tasmania, New Zealand, in Malesia: NE. New Guinea, Western Highlands District (Sirunke, Wabag area, Kandep valley and northern slopes of Sugarloaf complex).


Used by native women for making rush skirts.


Distinguishable from E. dulcis by its stout horizontal rhizome without tuber-bearing stolons, broader spikelets, longer glumes, and slightly larger nuts. The stems are always stout, but equally stout stems occasionally occur in E. dulcis.
As only two Malesian collections are known, I have followed BLAKE'S monograph of the Australian Eleocharis species in treating it as a separate species extending from the Australian mainland to Tasmania, New Zealand, and New Guinea, though it probably may better be treated as a subspecies of E. dulcis.


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