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Unarmed shrubs or trees. Leaves bipinnate, rachis and pinnae with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules linear or filiform, not spinescent. Inflorescences consisting of axillary pedunculate corymbs, often paired, on short-shoots. Flowers uniform, pentamerous, bisexual. Stamens numerous, united into a tube at the base. Ovary solitary. Seeds ellipsoid, obovate or subglobose, with pleurogram, aril absent, wingless, testa thick;


Asia-Tropical:, Jawa (Jawa present) Australasia:, Queensland (Queensland present) N New South Wales: present NE Australia: present
A monotypic genus distributed from Java to NE Australia (Queensland, N New South Wales).


Nielsen - Bull. Mus. Natn. Hist. Nat. Paris in Nielsen, Guinet & Baretta-Kuipers, Adansonia no 1. 1984: 79