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Unarmed tree. Leaves bipinnate, not sensitive to the touch, rachis and pinnae with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules not spinescent. Inflorescences composed of pedunculate, axillary corymbs; Flowers dimorphic, central flowers enlarged, 7- or 8-merous, marginal flowers smaller, 5-merous. Stamens many, united into a tube toward the base, anthers eglandular. Ovary solitary. Seeds elliptic in outline, strongly biconvex, with pleurogram, wingless;


Northern tropical South America present, all tropical areas cultivated
Northern tropical South America, one species introduced and widely cultivated in all tropical areas.


Hutchinson (I.e.) referred 18 species to this genus. Probably all these species have to be referred to Albizia, but the formal transfers should be done only in connection with a revision of the American species.


Hutch. 1964 – In: Gen. Fl. Pl.: 294