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Unarmed tree. Leaves bipinnate, rachis and pinnae with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules not seen. Inflorescences composed of pedunculate racemes axillary to the distal leaves. Flowers uniform, pentamerous, bisexual. Stamens numerous, united into a tube at the base, staminal tube and corolla-tube shortly united at the base. Ovary solitary. Seeds circular, flattened, unwinged, with pleurogram, without aril, testa thick, crustace- ous;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines endemic), N Celebes endemic
Monotypic, endemic to Malesia (Philippines, N Celebes).


The peculiar envelopes of the seed, formed by the endocarp, suggest that it possibly is dispersed locally by wind or water. The genus is unique by its pod characters. For further discussion of the characters see Nielsen et al. (I.c.: 348).


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