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Unarmed shrubs or trees. Leaves bipinnate, rachis and most often pinnae with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules filiform or auriculate, generally caducous. Inflorescences consisting of pedunculate spikes, spiciform racemes, or (in one species) glomerules. Flowers uniform, tetra- or pentamerous, bisexual. Stamens numerous, united into a tube at the base. Ovary solitary or several together. Seeds flattened (or sometimes turgid), narrowly winged when flat, brown or black, without aril, testa thin, without areole, endosperm absent;


Asia-Tropical:, New Guinea present Australasia:, Queensland (Queensland present) Bismarck Arch: present NE Australia: present New Caledonia: present Solomon Islands: present
Malesia (New Guinea, Bismarck Arch.), Solomon Islands, NE Australia (Queensland), New Caledonia; 14 species in all, of which 2 in Malesia.


Nielsen - Bull. Mus. Natn. Hist. Nat. Paris in Nielsen, Guinet & Baretta-Kuipers, Adansonia no 3 &4. 1983: 325, 335.