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Unarmed trees or shrubs. Leaves bipinnate, rachis and pinnae usually with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules linear or filiform, only visible in seedlings. Inflorescences composed of pedunculate spikes, racemes or 1-4-flowered glomerules aggregated into racemes, panicles or umbels; Flowers bisexual, pentamerous, uniform. Stamens numerous, united into a tube at the base. Ovary(ies) 1 (or 2), sessile. Seeds usually elliptic or oblong, flattened, with a hard black testa with pleurogram, wingless;


Asia-Tropical: Thailand (Thailand present), Melanesia present, Micronesia present, W Polynesia present, continental SE Asia present
Continental SE Asia (Thailand); throughout Malesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and W Polynesia; c. 18 species in all of which 4 in Malesia.


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