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Trees unarmed with thick branches, glabrous or tomentose. Leaves large, im- paripinnate, exstipulate; Flowers in umbellules which are arranged race- mosely, or in verticils, on strong inflorescence branches; Stamens either equal in number to the petals or up to several times as many; Ovary inferior, broadly obconic, cells 7-22; Fruit a spherical berry (strongly ribbed when dry), with an indistinct calyx rim, a flattened disk, and a prominent stylopodium bearing a ring of radiating stigmatic arms;


Africa: Seychelles (Seychelles present), Asia-Tropical, East Africa present, Madagascar present, Solomon Is present
About 10 spp. in East Africa, Madagascar, the Seychelles and Mascarenes, Malesia, and the Solomon Is.


I have amply analyzed and discussed the affinities of Gastonia (). I have come to the conclusion that within its alliances Gastonia is the only genus west of Samoa; in Polynesia there are three other closely allied genera.


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