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Small trees or scandent shrubs, prickly or unarmed. Leaves digitately compound, stipules absent, glabrous or with bristles. Inflorescence terminal, with umbels either solitary or more usually umbellately or racemosely arranged; Flowers hermaphrodite or sexually dimorphic. Petals 4 or 5, valvate. Stamens as many as the petals, anthers dorsifixed, introrse. Ovary 2-4(-5)-celled; Fruit a subglobose drupe, crowned by the persistent bifid style, 2-4(-5)-seeded;


Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Philippines (Philippines present), Gajo Lands present, Himalayan region present, N. Luzon present, N. Sumatra present
About 30 spp. in eastern Asia and the Himalayan region, south to Malesia (2 spp.): Malay Peninsula, N. Sumatra (Gajo Lands), Philippines (N. Luzon).


A sterile specimen from Gunong Iran, Cameron Highlands (Symington CF 36300) in the Kepong Herbarium, probably represents an undescribed species.


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